Conference Findings and Council Recommendations

Conference Findings and Council Recommendations

This page links to materials developed during and after the Managing Our Nation's Fisheries 3 conference. 

Findings Presented at the Conference

A "finding" is defined as a legislative, regulatory, or policy change, or idea for improvement identified by conference participants as a priority for advancing fishery management and sustainability. A finding could be:

  • An endorsement of a regional idea for consideration as a best practice across multiple regions;
  • A modification to the Magnuson-Stevens Act, other law or policy, to improve an outcome, to remove an existing impediment, or establish a new management tool;
  • A regulatory strategy or implementation guidance to improve an outcome under existing MSA requirements;
  • A change in behavior or process needed to improve fisheries management."

The findings are not in priority order and are not intended to reflect or imply consensus among the panelists and may therefore be complementary or contradictory.

Findings of the nine focus topic sessions (May 9, 7:45 a.m.)

Councils' recommendations for MSA reauthorization