Conference Agenda and Advance Materials

Materials Prepared in Preparation for Managing Our Nation's Fisheries 3

Agenda, Purpose, and Process


Representative Doc Hastings (R-WA), and Eric Schwaab, speaking for the Administration, will speak during a plenary session on the morning of Tuesday, May 7.  Later that morning, Keith Colburn, skipper of the Wizard on the Deadliest Catch television show, and Barton Seaver, seafood chef and host of "In Search of Food," will share their perspectives on sustainable fisheries. Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) will speak at a banquet on Wednesday evening, May 8. 

February 26 Press Release Announcing Featured Speakers

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Improving Fishery Management Essentials

  • Annual catch limit (ACL) science and implementation issues, including managing "data-limited" stocks
  • Rebuilding program requirements and timelines
  • International fisheries management: Leveling the playing field

Speaker Papers for Session 1 

Session 2: Advancing Ecosystem-based Decision Making

  • Assessing ecosystem effects and adapting to climate change
  • Forage fish management
  • Integrating habitat considerations

Speaker Papers for Session 2 

Session 3: Providing for Fishing Community Stability

  • Recreational and subsistence fishery connections
  • Integrating community protection, jobs emphasis, and seafood quality assurance
  • Assessment and integration of social and economic tradeoffs

Speaker Papers for Session 3 

Reactions Panelists

The following panel was convened on the last day of the conference to offer perspectives on the results of the three concurrent sessions. 

Perspective and Representative 

National Marine Fisheries Service: Sam Rauch

House of Representatives, Natural Resources Committeek: Dave Whaley

Senate, Commerce Sub-Committee on Fisheries and Oceans: Jeff Lewis

Commercial fishing industry: Stephanie Madsen

Recreational fishing industry: Bob Hayes

Environmental nongovernmental organizations: Lee Crockett

Interstate marine fisheries commissions: Randy Fisher

State fish and wildlife agencies: Philip Anderson

Indigenous people: David Sones

Regional fishery management councils: Rick Robins

Academia: Bill Hogarth

Socioeconomic academics: Bonnie McCay

Poster Session

List of posters and presenters

Supplemental Materials

Council backgrounders

These backgrounders present an overview of fishery management successes and challenges for each Council, in the context of the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.